2021 Denver Food + Wine Festival

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Yasu and Toshi Kizaki
Sushi Den

Sushi Den’s Chef’s Table is meant for adult “foodies” who are open to all types of dishes and trying new things. Guests who are “into” sushi tend to appreciate this choice, as the Chef selects the best of the daily catch for these private dinners.

Chef’s Table currently takes place seated at the counter in Sushi Den Private Room in front of the Chef. We take 2 people at each hour for a dinner lasting 2 hours. See the room.

Enjoy courses including; premier sushi and sashimi from a wide variety of freshly caught raw fish, handpicked by the Kizaki’s youngest brother from the Nagahama Fish Market in southern Japan, and from other markets worldwide. The menu may also include some cooked courses. Please note: Unfortunately, Sushi Den is not in a position to accommodate gluten-free menus or vegetarian or vegan-focused menus due to the nature of Japanese cuisine. We DO observe food allergies and request that you let us know at booking.

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