2021 Denver Food + Wine Festival

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Chris Teigland
glo Noodle House

Chris Teigland is the co-owner and chef of Glo Noodle House. Hailing from the Windy City, Chris grew up in the kitchen. His mom was a pastry chef and cooking was an integral part of every occasion in his childhood. His mom bought him books about Japanese cooking and always took him out to various Asian restaurants in the Chicago area, where he developed a huge passion for Japanese food that has since fueled the trajectory of his culinary career.

At glo, Chris helms the kitchen and curates the menu to be authentic yet playful. His commitment to staying true to the Japanese culture and techniques are evident in glo’s menu. The broth is made following traditional methods, and Japanese flavors and ingredients are infused into dishes. Chris uses produce from local farmers as inspiration for the daily menu and sources many proteins from local butchers.

After several mundane jobs in his early 20s, Chris found his way into kitchens. His first mentor was Top Chef Season 5 winner Hosea Rosenberg, who encouraged Chris to expand his knowledge of locally sourced ingredients and make everything the best it could be. After his time in Boulder under Rosenberg’s direction at Blackbelly, he moved back to his hometown of Chicago to work in renowned restaurants and spent time in kitchens like Alinea, El Ideas and several Hogsalt concepts. His time in Chicago inspired his already creative spirit and honed his culinary skills, and it was there that Chris was able to see Japanese techniques and ingredients be used in every outstanding kitchen in the city. The flavors he was exposed to pushed him further into his love for Japanese food and was the impetus for Chris’ move back west to Colorado to open glo.

While working at Blackbelly, Chris met Ariana. The two were inspired by each other’s passion and talents while cooking together, which soon led to marriage. Chris and Ariana opened Glo (named after Chris’s mother Gloria to pay homage to her influence on his culinary dreams) in March 2022, and it has quickly become known for its authentic yet playful food and immaculate vibe. Glo was lauded by the Denver Post, which noted that the restaurant is already vying for this year’s title of “Best New Restaurant.”